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In high rpm situations (and when used in conjunction with high valve spring pressures) the OEM cageless trunion needle bearings’s outer shell may tend to begin walking out of the rocker arm’s pivot trunion bore, resulting in individual needle bearings quickly falling out and scattering throughout the engine (the OE needles are captured by two separate housings, and the outer housing tends to walk out, releasing the needles). Obviously, this isn’t good for either the rockers (no bearings) or the rest of the engine. Don't risk the longevity of your engine - trust our Tick Performance Bronze Trunion Bushing Upgrade Kit on your LS Engine!

  • Micro-polished hardened shafts with C932 bearing bronze bushings

  • No small parts to come loose and damage your engine

  • Less prone to failure and loads are spread over a wider area

  • Oil channels keep the rocker arm lubricated

Reusing your factory bolts is possible, but will require some clearancing to fit. Aftermarket bolts available during checkout that will fit with no modification.

Tick Performance Bronze Trunion Bushing Upgrade Kit for LS Engines

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